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DanikNews.com website is a most and one of popular Hindi news portal in india. DanikNews.com Provided a world Wide news, National News, International News, Bollywood News, Spiritual, Sports. Fasion, Lifestyle News, Business News and Other Sector News.

Daniknews.com is provided reliables up-to-date quickly news reports on issues affecting of the world. Our focus on the viirtual work being across the region by thousands of the priests, Religious and lay of people to the spread Good News, serve those need the delivers to the education, socials justices and the human development service in one of the the world’s most diverses and dynamic continents.

DanikNews.com also focuses on the providing viewers with the widests possibles spectrum of the stories, from the across of domestics politics, and international affairs, humans interest, culture, business, sports, entertainment and lifestyles.

Daniknews.com team on the brings together eminent of professional from the India and around the world, and channel boasts of the wealths of journalistics and productions talent.

daniknews.com takes prides in its tone, of and looks & feel and is walking on down the road less on travelled by focusing on the news and staying from away hysteria and sensationalisms. Our goals is to engages viewers, not enrages them.

DanikNews team of progressives ideologistes who care for the people, who care for the society, who care for the democracy and for social equality came together to form the DanikNews Website.